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Watanuki Kmihiro ([personal profile] cursedgift) wrote2007-06-10 07:49 pm
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A new friend!

Yesterday I met this girl, Rikku-chan. She was playing near one of the fountains with some other girls, while I was staring at them because they reminded me of Himawari-chan. Then she fell into the fountain. And I found myself soaked, too. She apologized, but I wasn't upset at all.

We walked together to Yuuko-san's shop, but she didn't enter. I don't want anyone to end up like me.

Ah, geez. Since this was another world, I thought there would be no more spirits. I was wrong - they are here, too. I saved Rikku-chan just in time. Luckily it didn't come after us when we run away.

Anyway, she was really friendly. She promised me to introduce some of her friends to me. Seems like something is finally going in the right way. =D

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I'm glad you aren't bothered about being soaked ^^" most people would be!

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You worry too much, Rikku-chan. ^^'

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Hehe, you're not the first person to say that.